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L’autre groupe du batteur de Slavery.
Aujourd’hui mort, Petrified fût en son temps une référence dans l’underground grind core / metal. Seulement un MCD vit le jour (Layers of despair), mais d’une qualité exeptionnelle, bien que la production ne soit pas au top...

Aujourd’hui mort, the PETRIFIED band was born in 1998 under the command of PYC (drums) and Julien (guitar) who were both influenced by brutaldeath formations such as SUFFOCATION or INTERNAL BLEDING and who both intend to create a real fucking violent band..... Time was going on... songs were composed and rehearse little by little and we thought it was now time to find a singer ! Here comes Manolo who was very interested by our music, he joined the formation in december 1999 and proposed us to record our first MCD in this studio he works in as sound engineer.The recording session was two days of war ! Few month ago the line-up of PETRIFIED was strenghtened by the arrival of Thomas as the guitar player. We made last year two free gigs in Paris with 250 metalheads each time and intend to make more pro gigs this year…

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